At Island House we help families turn their homes into retreats…relaxing wonderful places to be together…places that feel right, full of atmosphere and personality.

We’ll spend time getting to know you at an initial consultation and then create a customised design package so you get our expertise where you need it most.  You know it’s always easier to begin with a great plan but don’t worry if your project has already started.  Our consultations are available at any stage of the process.

Inspiration, plans & expert advice

Dreams and ideas are the fun part of design, when you get to think about what you really love and dare to believe you can actually have it.  If you begin with a great design direction, all the choices you’ll have to make later will become so much easier.  We enjoy refining ideas and if you’re lacking inspiration we can get you started and enthused.  Our Design Direction Package has the option of adding on expert building advice from Glen of Glen Warner Builders.



Interior & exterior colour

This is where we shine.  Even neutrals can be bossy and if you put the wrong ones together something will always feel ‘off’.  We can help you choose the best neutral, trim and any accent colours to work with the home you already have.  If you don’t have any fixed finishes to work around the possibilities become a whole lot wider, but sometimes it can feel like there are too many choices. We can help you find a starting place, choose colours that you’re still going to love a year later and give you advice on how to pull your room together once it’s done.



Hard finishes, flooring & tiles

Selecting carpet, benchtops, tiles, sinks, handles…it can get overwhelming and it’s tempting to think you have to fall in love with everything you choose. You don’t! Most hard finishes are the backdrop rather than the hero in the room. It’s so important to choose wisely and get the neutrals right because these are the things that have to last. We can help you make confidant harmonious choices so you’ll have a home that both looks beautiful and won’t date overnight.



Furniture & lighting

Buying furniture and lighting doesn’t need to be stressful.  We can work with you to discover the look and feel you’d like in your home and narrow down the selections to help you choose products that are going to look great together. If you already know what you’d like we can help you find it. We source from retail, trade only suppliers at designer discounts or can arrange to have custom pieces made.  Better still, come shopping with us and visit selected trade stores in person.



Atmosphere & magic

Paint, flooring and furniture can only do so much. Finishing touches like art, cushions, lamps, bedding and accessories are the secret to having a home filled with atmosphere and magic.  We can help you add texture and interest, layering the treasures you already have with lovely new pieces.  The end result? A home that feels wonderful and fills you with happiness every time you walk in.

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