Nicola Warner is an interior designer, artist, mum of five and the heart behind Island House.  With a special interest in colour, Nicola studied with world renown colour expert Maria Killam in Canada, becoming one of the only True Colour Experts™ in New Zealand.

Nicola began her career as a lawyer, later becoming an artist and writer while staying home to look after her family. She also worked behind the scenes in her husband’s building business, giving her over 25 years experience in the building industry.

A romantic at heart, Nicola loves bringing personality and atmosphere to homes – the feeling of living everyday in your favourite movie home or holiday retreat. Nicola is also a self-confessed researcher and ideas person. She enjoys the process of finding design inspiration and pulling together different ideas to create a unique and personal look.

Nicola is passionate but practical, listening carefully to her clients and taking the time to let ideas percolate so she can figure out what really matters to them. She helps them define the style they love and makes choices easy, with a focus on ‘classic and timeless’ interiors that last the distance. And if it involves coastal style, well, that’s even better!

Nicola works as a creative team with her husband, Glen, of Glen Warner Builders. As a young family they built their own new home in the country before moving to the beach to transform a tired house into a textured coastal home. They also combine their creative skills to design and build theatre sets and have been known to go overboard setting the scene for a party.

Thankyou for being such an awesome dynamic creative duo!!  Once again you saved the day!!